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Preamble (established in 1946):
"....to perpetuate and preserve as a living memory the sweet nature, the sterling qualities, the grand character and the noble attributes of the late Lieut. Frank R. Huisking, Army of the United States, who gave his life for his country in World War II, by donations or gifts to duly accredited benevolent, charitable, religious and educational institutions, societies, schools, colleges and universities; to inculcate in the minds of young men and women a sense of duty and an ardent love for the united States of America and to incite in the  desire to imitate his virtues and follow his example and thus become patriotic, loyal and God-fearing citizens of the United States of America, the undersigned have duly organized The Frank R. Huisking Foundation, Inc., as a  Membership Corporation under the Laws of the State of New York."
In September 1971, the name was officially amended to the Huisking Foundation, Inc


Please note that the Huisking, Inc. Foundation is a small Foundation dedicated to the principles outlined above. To assure that funds distributed by the Foundation meets these principles, projects are reviewed and recommended by specific Directors who have knowledge of the project or program and thus supports its goals. This process results in the Board having a greater degree of confidence and assurance that the support being provided clearly meets the principles and intent as set out to honor Frank R. Huisking and his family.


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