History of Huisking Foundation, Inc.

In the defense of freedom, Francis Robert Huisking paid the ultimate sacrifice during War II. As co-captain of a B-24 bomber, he and his crew were lost when the bomber went down over Italy in 1944.

To honor his sacrifice and “to perpetuate and preserve as a living memory the sweet nature, the sterling qualities, the grand character, and the noble attributes” he displayed during the short time he was with us, his parents Charles and Catherine Huisking founded the Frank R. Huisking Foundation, Inc. on October 24, 1946.

In addition to Charles and Catherine, the original founding Directors and Officers included five of  Francis’ seven brothers and sisters;  Charles Jr., Evelyn, William, Edward, and Richard. These individuals managed the growth, investments, contributions, and distributions of the Foundation for the next twenty plus years..

Charles and Catherine passed on in 1970 and 1971.  In 1971, the name of the Foundation was officially changed to the Huisking Foundation, Inc.

During the 1970’s, the two remaining children, Jean and Claire joined the Foundation along with Robert Daly, Richard Steinschneider, and Taylor Hanavan (spouses of Evelyn, Jean, and Claire).

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, due to the passing of William, Evelyn, Charles Jr., and Edward, several third generation family members joined and are now actively in involved in continuing the growth and charitable works of the Huisking Foundation, Inc.

Frank R. Huisking, William Huisking Jr, Margaret McCrary, Charles Huisking III, Sarah Huisking, Edward Paul Huisking, Helen  Huisking Crawford, Clairmarie Field, Richard Huisking Jr., and Laura Colebank represent this third generation.

In addition to family members, several close colleagues and associates of the Huisking family were actively involved as Directors and Officers; Jack E. Haigney and Rhemick V. Behrens played a significant role in managing the Foundation and today, the daughter of Jack Haigney, Anne Roome Haigney (daughter of Jack Haigney), is active in the activities of the organization.

As the Foundation faces the challenges of the new millennium, the Directors look forward to bringing along individuals from the next generation to take the Foundation to even new levels of charitable work.

William Huisking jr. November 2005

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